The Taxman
Testimonials from the clients that we have helped:
•CRA collections contacted me about not filing my overdue tax
returns.  CRA ended up billing me $ 100,000.  I took my file to
The Taxman and they fixed my returns and got me down to
owing $ 15,000. - H.I. (Aylmer)

•I was audited for 2 years and when CRA was done I owed back
$ 180,000.  The Taxman took my file to appeal and got me
down to owing $ 18,000. - S.J. (Waterloo)

•The Taxman corrected $ 20,000 of errors on my file. - B.R. (St.

•We were retired self-employed people that were in our early
'.  The Taxman noticed that we were eligible for our back
payment on our early retirement.  The Taxman ended up
getting my husband and I back  $ 60,000. - R.D. (Woodstock)

•The Taxman has done our taxes and books for years.  With
their approach in helping small business, I am able to save
money and expand my business in this economy. - A.D.

•The Taxman found out we were paying taxes on non-taxable
sales and saved us $ 9,000 a year. - R.G. (Chatham)

•The Taxman are business and tax geniuses. - M.C. (London)