We can help you with:
The Taxman
Our Services:
Accounting and tax services such as personal, rental, business,
estates, farm,  charity, non-profit trusts, and corporate returns

Business start ups, profit improvement, wealth creation, financial,
tax planning, and lowering your taxes

Tax audits, debts, collections, appeals, and Tax Court

Applications and specialty files for Revenue Canada, Tax Payer
Rights, Canada Pensions, Disabilities, Administrative relief,
Volunteer Disclosure, Payroll, International files, WSIB, and
GST/HST returns.

Organize and minimize your business paperwork

Maxing your Business and Personal tax return(s)

Contacting the government and lower your tax/debt liabilities in the
system including old returns

Getting money back that is owed in the tax system

Individual programs available

Filing your old tax returns and applying for tax credits that you think
were lost